“Before taking Jan’s classes, I never really clicked with yoga.  As a lifelong jock I came to it with a completely wrong-headed approach:  I could never turn off ‘competition mode’ so would always push too hard and invariably injure myself.  Jan’s was the first class where I felt like it was okay to drop the ‘tude and hey, what do you know? I was actually able to reap the benefits of yoga for the first time.”

— Heather, Curator, Brooklyn, NY

Jan is an extraordinary teacher and human being, whose compassion, humor, warmth, skill and patience enabled her to introduce yoga and peacefulness to the children, both unknown to most of children on the unit.  She had made, I think, a profound commitment to these children by volunteering her weekly class for over 6 years.  She was trustworthy, consistent, patient, compassionate and reliable, making considerable contributions to the milieu therapy.  Jan’s presence was as important as the yoga, offering the children a very positive encounter with an adult. I write this in gratitude for the difference Jan has made in many lives, including my own.  I know many of these children continued to practice yoga after they were discharged.  I imagine and hope that they receive some of the many benefits that I do from my own practice that started in Jan’s class.

– Barbara McKechnie, LCAT, RDT/BCT, Pediatric Psychiatric Unit, St. Vincent’s Hospital, New York, NY

“Jan gently reminds us to listen to our bodies — it’s not a race to see who’s the most flexible — and always says we’re giving our bodies the gift of yoga. I had never considered something I was ungraceful at as a gift.”

— Sherry, Editorial Program Coordinator,  Brooklyn, NY

“I hadn’t taken a yoga class in quite some time and I approached   the one with Jan with some trepidation as I had injured a hamstring the last time I gave yoga a shot. But all doubts and anxiety flew right out the window after Jan opened the class with a very calming introduction and a few gentle poses. After one session I was hooked.  This wasn’t yoga the way I had remembered it. This was yoga the way it should be: thoughtful, serene, well-paced, soulful, safe, and effective. For lack of a better word, Jan’s style is extremely genuine. There’s no ego in her teaching. She’s there to help you achieve whatever it is you’ve set your sights on. Like all great guides, she’s nurturing, informative, supportive, and understanding. Thanks to Jan, yoga once again has an important place in my wellness practice.”

—Tim Haft, president, Punk Rope, New York, NY

“Jan is a godsend of a yogini.  As someone who finds yoga classes stressful, mostly because of tight shoulders and upper back (and the fav move being down dog held for a spell), having Jan as my yoga guru has brought peace, calm, better health and increased flexibility into my life.  She is innovative and effective at helping ease me into poses, challenging me to go further in a pose without making yoga seem overwhelming.  She also has an amazingly calming vibe, great for high strung, overwrought individuals.  I went through fertility treatments and am luckily pregnant and yoga therapy with Jan went a long way through the initial difficult process and in helping me stay calm and limber through a tiring first trimester.”

— Ashwini, Actuary, Coach, Life Long Learner, Chicago, IL

“Jan has helped me so much with learning how to breath properly when doing Kripalu yoga. I am actually able to relax very well now. I am becoming much more flexible and have had success with working through a long standing trauma. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants the ancient tradition of yoga in India in the beginning of its creation. I will as long as I am able to have a private lessons in my home every week. Jan is a very wonderful woman and teacher.”

— Vivienne, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Orland Park, IL

” I feel super this morning, no pain at all, another thing I noticed, is that after each class, I sleep like straight through the night, and I love that my friend. Yoga is interesting, I was telling my wife abt the classes, I was also telling her how great of a teacher you are, you rock.”

– Calvin, Owner CB Pest Control, Chicago

Thank you so much for this!  I need that extra incentive to get over there and I had to tell you that today I had the MOST WONDERFUL class with Jan Yuvan!  She was so knowledgeable, precise in her directions and challenging but not too much.  I have arthritis in my neck and knee and both feel great now.  Before class she made a point to introduce herself to each of us and ask about any ailments.  I know this is usual for your place but she was so friendly and kind about it.  Anyways I usually don’t do this but I was just so impressed I had to tell you.  Thank you again!!!

– Jenny, Chicago

Jan is a unique instructor/practitioner — an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills in addition to being a terrific yoga instructor. She has a way about her – patient, warm and encouraging yet able to suggest the next level of rigor in a non-threatening and enthusiastic way. We have found our yoga practice over these past sessions to be a highlight of our week. As active mid-life people, we also see how yoga rounds out our other physical activity and no doubt is contributing to a healthier future more “balanced” in every way. Plus at our level, it just feels so darn good!

– Patty and Ken, Healthcare Consultant and Attorney, Chicago

Jan’s Yoga Fundamentals class is a wonderful treat.  I’ve wanted to take an introductory class with a careful instructor, and this one is perfect for me.  The instructor makes the class, and I can’t sing Jan’s praises loudly enough!  She is a remarkable teacher ~ knowledgeable, experienced, perceptive, flexible and fun.   She’s sensitive to individual needs, and creatively finds ways for all students to benefit.  Every class with Jan I learn something about yoga practice and myself, body and soul rewarded.

– Sarah, Volunteer, Chicago

My husband, teenage daughter and I were all at different stages in our lives but we all really needed help getting into an exercise routine that would help us relax and provide welcome stress relief. Jan developed a personalized class, which challenged each of our needs. Jan’s positive energy, patience and spirit though her yoga teachings made our bodies and minds feel relaxed, refreshed and strong. Her different meditation and breathing techniques were a wonderful way to start the week!

– Rebecca and Harin, Primary School Teacher and Management Consultant, Chicago IL