This blog is the kickoff of my worldwide campaign to discontinue the use of the word instructor as the title used to describe professionals in the world of yoga.

An instructor directs or instructs someone to do something.

A teacher imparts knowledge and understanding of a subject.

As a student of yoga, the subject is my body, and understanding how it works. My physical, psychological, emotional, energetic, and spiritual body. The knowledge I seek to gain is about the ancient practice of yoga and how its methods are used to give us the tools to gain this understanding.

As a yoga teacher, I strive to share the knowledge I’ve gained through the study of yoga. I share the understanding I’ve gained about myself, in the hope that maybe some of what I’ve experienced will resonate with someone else, and help them on their path.

I used to use the word instructor to give what I do a sort of formality or a way of sounding more professional.  But when I remember the teachers that inspired me, who helped me really understand yoga and its benefits, who challenged me to have the courage to seek understanding of myself, the word instructor diminishes who they are and the gifts they shared with me.

Instructors are a dime a dozen.  I won’t settle for being an instructor. I’m a teacher, or at least I strive to be.

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