Yuvan Yoga Videos with Chicago Yoga Teacher Jan Yuvan

Here are some instructional videos to get you started on establishing yoga as a beneficial habit in your life.

Detailed alignment principles of Warrior 2 to practice it safely and experience the benefits.

Yoga tutorial from Jan Yuvan on the proper alignment principles for triangle pose.

Video explaining the difference between Cobra and Upward facing Dog, postures that look similar but have different alignment.

Reclined Big Toe Pose – Supta Padangusthasana My go-to stretch for hips, hamstrings, IT band. Great after a workout or any time I feel tightness in the hips, low back, or legs.

Good quad stretch that allows you to isolate the quad and adjust the intensity of the stretch.

The sequence: plank, chatturanga, up dog/cobra, down dog, has become
ubiquitous in yoga classes today. This video breaks down the individual
components and offers safe, effective modifications.

A great way to gently get things moving in the morning. Some mild stretches and movements building to sun salutations.

A gentle chair yoga sequence for folks with limited mobility or anyone
who just wants a gentle practice.

A quick primer on integrating breath with movement in a yoga practice,
using sun salutation to demonstrate.

Breaking down alignment in Uttanasana (forward fold) and Ardha
Uttanasana (half forward fold), the main components of of a Standing
Sun Salutation.

Do some gentle stretching to help your body recover after a ride. Great for sore legs, a cranky low back, stiff upper back and shoulders.

This yoga sequence will help the body recover and rebalance after a
bike ride.

A gentle 20 minute sequence that is safe for most bodies.